So many ways. So many choices. So many alternatives.
What do we do?
What is your decision?
How do you make sure that your option turns your marketing strategy into marketing success?
Whereas the choices might be infinite, your budget isn’t, so you have to be selective.
Selective Advice is a premium company offering tailored solutions for any client in search of media services. No matter what your business needs are, we are here to help you select the right path toward success. 

What can we do for your business?

Market research

Understanding the market for your products or services helps us choose the best way to advertise them. We keep an eye on the things your competitors do (what, where, how) and monitor their media usage. Know your enemy, like Sun Tzu says. And your market, we say.

PR services

We are ready to offer a complete range of PR services for your company, from a full PR campaign to managing media relations and corporate communication.

Classic Media services

We are specialised in media planning and buying, therefore, no matter what your media needs are (PR, TV, radio, OOH, digital media, special projects or other) we are ready to assist you with a visible and effective campaign.

Digital media

This is the 21st century, so digital presence is a must. Whether you need a PPC campaign or an email/mobile marketing campaign, call us and we'll provide the right digital answer.

Creative services

Need creative ideas for your products and services? Great, we're happy to deliver outstanding integrated campaigns, using our senior creatives partners.

Production services

Whether you need to produce a TV ad, 50.000 flyers or that outdoor billboard that will turn everybody's head, within a given budget, we are happy to provide a top list of quality suppliers and take responsibility for producing those materials.

BTL campaigns

When you decide you need a BTL campaign, we could assist you with everything you might need: organizing an event, in-store) activations, POSM displays and many more.

Our team

Dora Sumlea (Tancu)

Marketing Integrator & Managing Partner

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